Ananda Gupta Reveals Twilight Struggle Successor and Digital Expansion

December 14, 2014 - 10:25am
learned league banner On the Learned League forum, a discussion about board game complexity was joined by none other than Ananda Gupta, co-designer of perennial BoardGameGeek number one Twilight Struggle. In his response, Mr. Gupta teased his upcoming successor to Twilight Struggle, Imperial Struggle.
“Next year (I hope!) Imperial Struggle will be ready for people to order. Another two-way global struggle, but this time Britain and France take center stage. The time period is 18th century and the battlefield is the whole world.”
Gupta also revealed a planned expansion to the successfully Kickstarted digital version of Twilight Struggle, called Turn Zero.
“I've been working on a new expansion for it: the Turn Zero expansion. It allows players to quickly generate a bunch of neat alternate history Cold War scenarios, which I hope will boost the replayability of the game.”
Both of these announcements will undoubtedly excite many board game fans. We’ll be keeping an eye on the Learned League thread for anymore tidbits from Ananda Gupta.