What Games Should You Bring To The Office Holiday Party

December 12, 2014 - 5:36pm
dixit Having an office Christmas party and wondering what games you could bring that would be acceptable for the occasion? Across The Board Games offers some assistance with a list of five card games great for introducing your fellow office mates to the joys of gaming. The full list of suggested games were: Pairs, Coloretto, Fluxx, Dixit, and Chrononauts.
Dixit is really fun to play with lots of creative minds and artsy people. I enjoy Dixit because it is a creative game that doesn’t rely on our artistic abilities like physically drawing in Pictionary or sculpting in Cranium. As a Spiel de Jahres winner in 2010, I highly recommend Dixit.
For details on why each game is ideal for your office party (or to offer your own suggestions), you can read the full article here.