The Political GAmer Tackles The Morality of War Games

December 14, 2014 - 10:48am
political gamer banner The Political GAmer, TJ, tackles the morality of war games. The blog post takes a serious look at why war games exist and why so many individuals enjoy playing them, but most importantly, TJ asks, is playing war games morally wrong?
In general, I think that when it comes to war, the same rules that apply to books and movies apply to games - it's important to discuss war and reflect it as a grim reality, as long as we don't trivialize human suffering, glorify war or make offensive and demeaning remarks on certain groups of people or their history.
While giving examples of answers that TJ finds lacking such as, "it's just a game," and "Criticizing games is PC culture run amok, trying to censor things you don't like," TJ then provides thoughts on why playing war games can provide educational benefits through empathy. playing different sides, by experiencing some of the challenges and trials that they actually faced we can learn to appreciate the reality of the situation in a way that no textbook can ever convey.
The Political GAmer's thoughts on different games and war themes are thought provoking. And TJ hopes the blog post spurs us into an open discussion regarding the morality of war games instead of closing it. For the full post please visit TJ's site here.