Now on Kickstarter - Taluva: Deluxe Version

December 13, 2014 - 9:55am

taluva components

Eagle Games has launched a Kickstarter for a deluxe version of Marcel-Andre Casasola-Merkle's best-selling Taluva.
On Taluva Island players represent...ancient clans and play tiles which extend out and build up the surface of the Island. This constant alteration and expansion of the topography of the Island may allow one clan's villages to be glorified by adding temples and towers, while simultaneously it might destroy other clans' villages, postponing or perhaps permanently preventing their quest for glory!
The deluxe version boasts bigger, thicker landscape tiles with new artwork, redesigned wooden pieces, and an updated box design. Higher pledge levels include a player board for more strategic depth and variability, a deluxe wooden box, and custom wooden "tiki hut" storage box. This deluxe edition is being published by Ferti Games, which specializes in high-quality wooden game pieces and board and card game production.
Ferti was created in 2001. In the past 13 years we have worked hard to become a world-renowned publisher of very high quality games. We produce both wooden games -- like Pitchcar, Tumblin’ Dice, and Crokinole; as well as board and card games -- like Coup, En Garde, and Yokai no Mori.
Get all the details on the Taluva: Deluxe Version Kickstarter campaign page.