SU&SD Begins Their Top 25 Games of All Time

December 9, 2014 - 2:31pm
shut up sit down 25 games ♫Some say that Matt’s hair is like a giant among men… ♫ —oops, wrong theme song! The always funny Shut Up & Sit Down crew posted #25-21 of their Top 25 Games Ever. In standard SU&SD fashion, Quinns, Paul, and the other contributors dissect these selections with a lot of humor and passion for the board gaming hobby.
“I liked this game because I got to be in charge while simultaneously blaming everyone else for everything.”
#25 – Dixit #24 – Ladies & Gentlemen #23 – Hive #22 – Pandemic #21 – Space Cadets These first five are quite eclectic already. The next 20 should be a real treat, culminating in what promises to be an amazing holiday gift giving guide.
“I was considering taking it away on holiday to break the ice with a bunch of people I didn't know very well. The reason I didn't was I suddenly realised it would likely end up with them giggling over shared past experiences and me left hopelessly confused.”
Check out the full article for more great anecdotes about SU&SD’s experiences with these games and links to their reviews, interviews, and other videos. The best part: #20-16 are coming tomorrow!