D&D Attack Wing Tactics: 3BG, FTW

December 9, 2014 - 2:37pm
attack wing banner WizKids continues its series of articles on their mega hit D&D Attack Wing Miniatures Game by taking a look at an army build that’s making waves in the tournament scene: the infamous 120-point 3BG (three ballistae and a frost giant). Moonlite Comics’ Jay Kirkman talks strategy, and takes his own version of the build for a spin against Balagos, a Copper Dragon, and a squad of Sun Elf Archers. The article provides a detailed play-by-play, giving the reader a good sense for the game and why 3BG is so dominant.
"The Copper blasted an acid breath, hitting three of my four units (killing one), while Balagos brought the fire on the right. After a withering salvo of bolter fire girded by target tokens and artillery master upgrades, though, both dragons were seriously wounded in this initial exchange."
We won’t spoil the rest! Check out the article for more details on Kirkman’s build, and a thrilling turn by turn overview of his epic battle.