Preview of the Starfighters in Star Wars: Armada

December 8, 2014 - 5:16pm
"There’s always the chance that a single starfighter pilot can turn the tide of battle."
Fantasy Flight Games continues their series of Star Wars: Armada previews with a look at the unsung heroes of large scale galactic conflict: starfighter squadrons. These versatile units can act as hard-to-hit front line attackers, escorts for the big capital ships, or as defenders frustrating your opponent’s best laid plans. This preview takes a closer look at the Squadron Phase, which occurs after the capital ships have moved and features special squadron-only movement rules. It also discusses squadron strategy, special abilities like Bomber and Swarm, and the difference between standard and ace pilots like Luke Skywalker.
“The fighter squadrons of Star Wars: Armada may not be as large or hard-hitting as the game’s massive capital ships, but when they’re employed effectively, they offer your fleet tremendous tactical flexibility.”
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