Descent Second Edition: Guardians of Deephall Preview

December 6, 2014 - 9:06am
deephall figures Fantasy Flight Games is previewing their hero and monster collection: Guardians of Deephall. This is the fourth collection for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. This collection will contain thirteen figures: four heroes, four dark priests, three wendigos, and two crypt dragons. Two new quests will also be included in the collection. This preview presents one hero and a monster group.


In battle, Silhouette can use her assassin’s skills to incapacitate the overlord’s monsters, and she can maximize her damage with her hero ability by using two single-hand weapons.
Each time she attacks and rolls the "X" result she may choose to hit a monster adjacent to her. That monster would then suffer damage equal to one plus the number of weapons she currently has equipped. Her heroic feat allows her to move double her speed at the cost of an action.



A deep, unnatural cold emanates from the body of a wendigo. The chill from some of these monsters’ bodies is so powerful that they have been known to freeze a man to death.
Wendigos can spend a surge to deal additional damage, and they may use their Ravage ability which enables them to take two attack actions in a single turn to deal a substantial amount of damage. Also, an attacking hero will have to roll three additional range or the attack misses, which makes hitting a wendigo that much more difficult. For more on this preview click here.