Boston Globe Writes about how Board Games Are Back

December 5, 2014 - 8:38am
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It may not truly be giving the multibillion-dollar digital game industry a run for its money, but the board-game subculture is thriving. And as it happens, plenty of this tabletop-game inventing, tinkering, and fervent playing is happening in Greater Boston.
A recent article featured in The Boston Globe highlights the growing, thriving board game scene in Boston, from the board game cafes and conventions to the large creative output of new tabletop games.  The article frames the discussion of the Boston board game scene well throughout the article, thoroughly explaining the recent boom in tabletop gaming and what the city of Boston's role is in the matter.  Board games are back, and while many consider board games to be a pastime we enjoyed as children with Monopoly, Candy Land and Operation, now "replaced" with video games, the article makes it clear that "plenty of people still play board games. Not only grade-schoolers and nerds, but average folk who partake at home, in game cafes, and at massive conventions." The article delves further into the board game happenings in Greater Boston, among which are such establishments as the Knight Moves Board Game Cafe, where customers come to enjoy light refreshment and a large sampling of board games to try before they buy.  Boston-based game design and publication are also discussed, including Gamewright, makers of the best-selling Forbidden Island and Slamwich.  Another highlight of the Boston gaming scene is the Game Makers Guild, a Boston-based community made up of over 500 game developers, play testers, and would-be entrepreneurs. The article does describe the strength of the gaming community in the Greater Boston area, but it paints an equal picture of the tabletop gaming hobby as a whole and the rapid growth it is currently experiencing.  For more about this topic, and to read the article in full, visit The Boston Globe website.