Now On Kickstarter - Conquest of the Gods

November 26, 2014 - 2:33pm
conquest of the gods Start-up company Demigod Games from Australia just launched their tabletop miniatures games Conquest of the Gods on Kickstarter.
Conquest of the Gods is a game where history meets mythology. Our alternate history setting is brought to life in a 31mm scale table top wargame. Conquest of the Gods has been designed to be fully scalable, allowing a group of players to play small skirmish games with a handful of miniatures right up to mass battles where two players pit armies containing hundreds of models against each other.
Backers can choose from various starter sets representing the historical and fantastic characters from different mythologies around the world. Each starter set includes one 70mm mythological figure, as well as one 31mm command figure, god figure, and various troop figures. conquest of the gods mini
All miniatures will be supplied unpainted and will require assembly. They will be supplied with laser cut timber bases . Miniatures will be made of high quality white metal, resin, or a combination of the two.
The initial production run will include armies based on ancient Greek, Norse, Japanese, and Egyptian mythologies. Call down the god of thunder and command Thor and his Norsemen against Ares, the Greek god of war, and his hoplites. Pit Japanese samurai and their demon Oni against a swarm of Egyptian flesh-eating scarabs and the god Horus. Starter sets include all the miniatures needed to field a complete army from each culture for skirmishes, but players are free to expand their armies to escalate the scale of battle. Each starter set also includes a mini version of the rule book and the stats cards for each model. A hardcover production version of the rulebook will be available pending stretch goals. Click here to read the current Alpha version of the rules. Custom dice and additional command cards are also available as add-on purchases. Get all the details on the Conquest of the Gods Kickstarter campaign page.