Now On Kickstarter: Ryan Laukat's Artifacts, Inc.

November 18, 2014 - 7:08pm
artifacts inc
New York, 1929: A frenzy of interest in antiquity is sweeping the nation! With museums hungry for mysterious and exotic artifacts — and you hungry for adventure — you start up your own archeology company. Untold wonders await within dangerous jungles, harsh deserts, and wind-swept mountains. Will you gain a reputation as the most intrepid and famous adventurer of all time?
Ryan Laukat, designer of such successful games as Eight-Minute Empire and City of Iron, has just fired up his eighth Kickstarter project for his latest game design, Artifacts, Inc.  This archaeologically-themed card and dice game featuring a dice-placement mechanic is set in New York City in the year 1929, and pits 2-4 players against each other to grow the largest archaeology company. The goal is to win by achieving the highest reputation, with 20 reputation points triggering the end of the game.  The artwork, illustrated by the game designer,  is as exciting as it is stunning, reminiscent of popular swashbuckling-archaeologist themes.  The game is easy to learn and plays in 60 minutes. artifacts cards Each copy of Artifacts, Inc. includes:
  • 72 lavishly-illustrated cards
  • 7 dice
  • Dollar tokens
  • Reputation Board
  • 48 Artifact Cubes
  • 8 Page Rulebook
There are three pledge levels and three stretch goals currently.  To check out this Kickstarter, please visit the Artifacts Inc. Kickstarter page.