Coming Soon - Legenday Villains: Fear Itself

November 18, 2014 - 7:26pm
fear itself Legendary is a deckbuilder that people just cannot get enough of and it seems like Upper Deck Entertainment is more than ready to feed the cravings.  Recently released Marvel Legendary Villains, the spin-off to Marvel Legendary with a focus on the bad guys, is getting an expansion titled Legendary Villains: Fear Itself.  According to the description on BGG...
With the Legendary Villains: Fear Itself expansion for Legendary and Legendary: Villains, you can play through the "Fear Itself" storyline from Marvel Comics. This expansion consists of six new allies from The Worthy: Kuurth, Mul, Skirn, Nerkkod, Greithoth and Skadi; one new adversary group; one new commander; and three new plots.
Now you can battle Iron Man in his Uru Enchanted Armor with your friends and embrace the villains of the Marvel universe.  Look for Legendary Villains: Fear Itself in stores in 2015.