Now On Kickstarter: Soccer City, The Beautiful Game

November 4, 2014 - 3:51pm
soccer city Elege Iberica has launched their Kickstarter for the English language version of Soccer City, The Beautiful Game.  This game has been published previously in Spanish and so it is a polished game they are just needing to get the English language version update done on it.  Additionally they are adding in an expansion to the mix.  It appears that they have this project nearly ready to send to the publisher based on the fact that they have a February 2015 rewards delivery date. To me based on what I have seen this looks a lot like what it would be like if 1st & Goal was a soccer game.  Because Soccer is more of a continuously moving fluid game their way of handling movement seems to be pretty good.  It has very interesting artwork based on what they have shown and one of the more reasonable reward levels I have seen for inclusion in the games artwork for a backer at $99 though they don't seem to have a way to get the game and get into the game. soccer city board Even being a nearly print ready I am always highly skeptical of production going as quickly as they are expecting.  Especially considering that they are going to be adding artwork from backers.  While this looks like a great project I would recommend you be ready for delays in this project.  As always there are factors that are either out of the creators control like production delays and customs delays and things that are only partially in the control of the creator like artwork delays. For the full details of campaign head over to their page on Kickstarter here.