Stonemaier Games Announces New Game

November 3, 2014 - 12:44pm
Stonemaier Games has announced a new game and it is their first to not be designed by Jamey and Alan.

between two cities

Between Two Cities

The game is called Between Two Cities, designed by Ben Rosset and Matthew O'Malley. It is a partnership-driven, tile-drafting city-building game for 3-7 players that plays in about 20 minutes. The game also includes a 2-player variant, and Morten Monrad Pedersen is working on a solo "Automa" variant as well.
Imagine you are a world-renowned city planner and you have been asked to redesign two different cities. A project of this magnitude will require the expertise of more than one person. In in each assignment you will paired up with a partner. You and your partner will discuss and execute your grandiose plans.
Each turn features a simultaneous discussion with your two partners to decide which of your tiles to place into the cities you're building with each of them and where in those cities to place the tiles. At the end of the game, there is only one winner, as each player compares the lowest scoring of their two cites.
This game will launch on Kickstarter in 2015, so keep an eye out for upcoming news on Between Two Cities. There are some games that will be reaching your houses and gaming stores alike, though. Here is a list of when to expect them, if all goes well, that is.



December/January delivery for backers/pre-orders.

Treasure Chest

Mid-December delivery for early-adopter backers; late December/early January delivery for backers/pre-orders.

Euphoria (2nd printing)

December retail release in the US

Viticulture (2nd edition)

Delivered to all "early" backers and in stores. If you want to buy a copy, the best way to get it at this point is to request it from your local game store. One really cool thing that Stonemaier is doing right now has to do with the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Acution!
As part of our participation in the annual Jack Vasel Memorial Fund auction, we decided to donate $5 to that fund for every Treasure Chest pre-ordered through our website during the JVMF auction timeframe (Oct 21-Nov 14)