Coming Soon From Dan Verseen Games "Fleet Commander Nimitz"

October 31, 2014 - 9:08pm
nimitz Fleet Commander Nimitz is the fourth game in our Commander series of solitaire games. For the first time, we take the Commander series to the high seas! At the start of the war, Nimitz faces a Pacific Ocean on the brink of disaster. The Imperial Japanese Navy has just delivered a devastating attack against the US fleet at Pearl Harbor, and little stands in the way of total defeat for the US in the battle for the Pacific. In the months to come, the situation will spiral from bad to worse. Nimitz will see the Japanese score one victory after another as they march across the Pacific, until only Midway and Hawaii stand between them and the West Coast of the US. The game spans the entire Pacific war from January 1942 until the end in September 1945. Success depends on the vital balance between strategic and tactical focus. You must move your forces across the maps to achieve your strategic goals, but you must also out-think your opponents on the battlefield. You can play each campaign as a stand-alone game, or as part of a linked series of games. Contains:
  • 22”x25.5” Mounted Strategic Map
  • 4 Campaigns
  • 8 Counter sheets of 5/8” and 1.25” counters
  • 11”x17” Tactical Battle Sheet
  • Full color Rulebook