Bruno Cathala's Experience With Essen 2014

November 3, 2014 - 12:52pm
abyss box It is always interesting to see the view from the other side when going to a convention like Essen.  So Bruno Cathala talking about his experience there is very fascinating.  With six games being either released or showcased at the convention one can say that he was likely having to move at a frenetic pace.  Additionally since most of these games were put out by different projects it was not as if he could just sit in one place signing games and talking to people he had to split his time in many different directions.  Additionally since he is an active designer he brought prototypes to show off to publishers. FIVE-TRIBES-box-3D_smaller This is not what most people imagine when they think of designing a game they just think about the admiration and not necessarily how consuming things like conventions tend to be.  I think one of the most telling things was that he did not have time to even go looking for games to buy and basically the only games he was taking home with him are ones that were given to him by people. For his full experience head on over to his blog here. (In french)