Now On Kickstarter from IELLO "World of Yo-Ho"

November 3, 2014 - 12:55pm
world of yo ho IELLO has partnered with Volumique to bring their latest creation out.  World of Yo Ho is another game that is blurring the lines between board game and video game.  This seems to be a pretty interesting idea because they are basically allowing you to do such fun things as programmed movement and simulated battles that have a bit more realism to them even if what you see is animated. As you might have gathered from the name this is a pirate game and you will be using your phone to control your ship and to keep track of loot and other consumables in the game and will be placing it on a large board which your phone knows its position on to be able to depict what is happening in regards to your particular unit on the map.  While it appears to require an app this one does not seem like in the ned you would absolutely have to have the app but rather that the app makes for a richer experience as opposed to something like X-Com where the app seems to be a complete necessity. world of yo ho concept Considering that IELLO had one game that was majorly delayed on Kickstarter previously it was important for them to acknowledge that issue.  They talk very specifically about not wanting to repeat the mistakes of the last campaign and a major part of that is partnering with Volumique who they are confident will be able to finish this project in the time frame that has been promised.  It appears that the outstanding working on this project is more on the content side than app creation which should mean that this project is very doable in the time frame allotted by them. As with all Kickstarters there are obviously factors that are somewhat out of the control of the project creator including manufacturing delays, art delays, and customs holdups. For the full details on this campaign head over to their Kickstarter page here.