Now On Kickstarter "I Hate Zombies" The BoardGameGeek Micro Game

October 29, 2014 - 8:34am
i hate zombies BoardGameGeek the popular board game social network has launched their first micro game on Kickstarter.  This game utilizes the popular rock, paper, scissors game mechanic.  This game makes killing zombies harder than killing humans but gives the humans great powers to counterbalance the difficulty in killing zombies.  This should be a rather interesting project.  Additionally this was designed by Kevin Wilson the designer of Sid Meiers Civilization: The Board Game. i hate zombies cards Being that this game consists of cards and it does not seem to have too unreasonable of an amount of stretch goals it should arrive on time.  BoardGameGeek has an online store that they market promo's out of and is used to doing fulfillment on their own and they are having Ad Magic (the manufacturers of Cards Against Humanity) do all the dirty work.  So with a June 2015 completion date this project is fairly likely to meet its shipping goal. As with any Kickstarter project the dates for shipping out rewards can slip due to factors outside the control of the publisher including art production time, production delays at the printer, and customs holds. For the full details of this project head over to Kickstarter here.