Star Wars Imperial Assault News

October 29, 2014 - 8:40am
diala passil Fantasy Flight has released a news letter to talk about two heroes of the Rebellion that come in the game: Diala Passil and Fenn Signis. Diala Pasill is not a trained Jedi but is sensitive to the ways of the force. Her years of training with the Plasteel Staff give her abilities that few others can claim.
Her Precise Strike ability allows her to suffer two strain after declaring an attack with a melee weapon to choose and remove a die from her target’s defense pool. Many stormtroopers, Imperial officers, and other servants of the Galactic Empire have only one defense die in their defense pool, meaning that Diala Passil’s Precise Strike leaves them helpless.
fenn Fenn Signis is a native of Alderaan. He joined the Rebel Alliance at seventeen and served two full tours of duty as a soldier before joining the Rebel SpecForces squad.
His Havoc Shot ability allows him to suffer a strain while attacking with any ranged weapon, including the Infantry Rifle that he starts a campaign with. The attack gains Blast 1, allowing him to deal one damage to every figure adjacent to his target. By using Havoc Shot against tightly massed groups of troopers, you can quickly mow through enemy ranks.
This game is looking better and better at every turn. The fluff that Fantasy Flight uses for each character is wonderful and only aid your ability to fully immerse yourself in the story that unfolds. To read more about the game and the characters click here.