Now On KS - Ready To Play Storage For Small World

October 28, 2014 - 10:35am
small world storage pieces It is rare that I ever drool over something that has hit Kickstarter.  But seeing these beautiful storage solutions for the game small world I am having to work hard not to salivate too much.  These are a very elegant solution to a problem that has driven me nuts for quite awhile.  Storing Small World can be rather tedious since the race markers are abundant and rather small. Done in birch these are very nice looking.  they provide three different options for the box.
  • The BASIC storage set holds the base game and several small expansions.
  • The ENHANCED storage set holds the base game and Realms and the other small expansions.
  • The DELUXE storage set holds the base game and Small World Underground and Realms and all the other expansions.
With options of either an assembled box or getting it to assemble yourself this project creator understands that many of the people in this audience tend to be willing to put some time in assembling something even if they might not have the skills to actually design something like this themselves. This project has staggered fulfillment dates based on which level you back at the simpler boxes seem to have earlier dates with the basic unassembled box being available in February followed in March by the assembled basic set.  From a practical standpoint I would anticipate some of the finished boxes possibly taking longer than projected.  But I would expect unfinished boxes should be able to go out pretty close to on time.  Additionally this project creator has run another successful storage project. For all of the details on the project head over to Kickstarter here.