The 2014 Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction!

October 22, 2014 - 8:20am
Status as of 10/22/2014 Status as of 10/22/2014

The moment is here, folks. The moment we have all been waiting for: The 2014 Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Auction is here! This is a great opportunity to give back to our small, but growing, community of board gamers. For those of you wondering what the fund is, and how it came about, here is a brief explanation:
One tragic event and two acts of generosity brought the BGG community together: the result was the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund. In January 2011, Cate Pfeifer (Cate108) posted an auction for Tom Vasel and his family to help with the financial hardship related to the unfortunate loss of his son, Jack. The generosity of the BGG community was amazing. Tom was touched and wanted to pay the kindness forward so he created the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund. He used some of the money that BGGers donated and spent to build this fund. The fund is a not-for-profit with a simple goal: raising and distributing funds to help gamers in their hour of need.
I took part in the auction last year for the first time and I can say it was the easiest and most friendly experience anyone could wish for. Everyone involved was extremely kind and helpful, which was good as I was nervous going into it. Now you too can take part in this outstanding auction put on by amazing folks just like you and I! The auction has been steadily increasing their funds raised each year and reached a total of $60,918 in 2013! And I know this year will be even better. So it's up to us to spread the word and get as many people involved as we can in order to reach and exceed $100,000 raised. I know we can do it! Click on here and start placing your bids! The auction takes place between October 21st and November 14th.