Cosmic Encounter Connector Now On Kickstarter

October 16, 2014 - 10:05am
cosmic encounter connector Peter Olotka and Bill Eberle two of the three original designers of Cosmic Encounter have launched a Kickstarter project to work on the development of the Cosmic Encounter Connector.  I was very fortunate to be able to see the previews of this project during CosmicCon in September and talk with Mr Olotka and his son Greg who has been focusing on getting this project ready for launch since April. This is a very innovative platform for playing the game on.  This is not simply an IOS version of the game.  Instead this is a cross platform gaming system that allows players to do all of the things that make Cosmic Encounter such a wonderful game to play.  Ranging from house rules like playing with multiple aliens to secret powers to whatever you could want.  In addition this game is meant to be played with live players and will have audio conferencing built into the game since one of the key aspects of Cosmic Encounter that makes it work so well is the negotiating and table talk. cosmic encounter connector digital In terms of graphics this one is very visually pleasing in regards to planets and also includes the beautiful Fantasy Flights Games Cosmic Encounter artwork for all of the various different expansions and the base game.  Peter Olotka has said that Fantasy Flight Games' artwork is the best that has been produced for the game in all of the editions that have been released.  So you could tell that he was elated to be able to use the artwork for this.  They have the stretch goals set to open up all of the expansions being included with the game the first few months the game is available. This is a fairly complex system that they are proposing.  In part that is why they have such a high goal for the project.  They are having to bring in specialty programmers but if this project works out it is possible you might be seeing this platform being utilizable by other designers for their games. With an expected completion date of October 2015 they are being what appears to be somewhat realistic in their time frame for release.  Software like this can have technical delays that no one foresees but this seems to be a fairly realistic time frame in which to complete the project. For all of the details head over to Kickstarter here.