Now On Kickstarter "Infected: A Zombie Party Game"

October 12, 2014 - 10:34am
infected Eiglo Games has launched their latest Kickstarter campaign Infected: Humans vs Zombies Team Cooperative game.  touted as a mix between Bang! and King of Tokyo this game is purported to have a great deal of variety within it.  Ryan Metzler of the Dice Tower has a preview posted on the campaign which seems to be fairly positive. What is interesting about this game is that you do have the traitor mechanic in it similar to Battlestar Galactica where you might end up becoming a traitor down the line and have to completely change your strategy all of a sudden.slated at 60 minutes this game should be a nice interaction to a more social cooperative game as opposed to something like Pandemic which is a more traditional strategy game with the cooperative play mechanic as part of it. infected comonents With a slated release of August 2015 it appears that they still have quite a bit of work to do on this game.  Being that the creator has stated that he tried to create some buffer in this for the creative process there should hopefully not be any delays.  That being said the creator did already have to pull the project down once to refine some of the project detail in particular pledge levels.  This is also a first project.  Realistically I would prepare mentally for some delays so that you are not to upset if they do occur. Check out the project on Kickstarter here.