Now On Kickstarter "Age of Conan Strategy Board Game"

October 12, 2014 - 9:47am
adventures in hyboria If you remember recently I posted about Ares Games acquiring the right to the Age of Conan Strategy Board Game here.  Having only announced their acquisition of the rights to the game about 2 weeks ago they wasted no time getting this game launched on Kickstarter.  Having already received pledges for five times their goal of $10,o00 this project is basically guaranteed to fund at this point. Also included in this Kickstarter is the expansion Adventures in Hyboria which is described by Ares Games as follows.
The expansion, Adventures in Hyboria, is designed to improve and expand the role of Conan in the game. It adds a new dimension to his adventures: Conan's stature grows from warrior and thief, to general, and finally, king. His abilities grow as well, making his presence in the game more visceral and more important.
hyboria disease Ares Games addresses in the Kickstarter the fact that they have been working for nearly three years to get the rights to this game and finish off development of this expansion.  With a hopeful publication date of April 2015 this game appears to be ready to go to production.  They have indicated that this will likely not be the last expansion being offered of the game. For more information head over to the Kickstarter here.