FFG Releases Latest Preview For BattleLore: Command

October 10, 2014 - 11:29am
battlelore app Fantasy Flight Games has put out their latest preview for BattleLore: Command.  This preview focuses on the Daqan Army and how it handles combat.
Driven to defend Terrinoth against the most powerful enemy it has ever known, the forces of the Daqan army fight with the utmost determination, fortitude and valor. They also offer a commander many intriguing tactical possibilities, both offensive and defensive. In BattleLore: Command you can explore the full range of these units’ capabilities in a variety of missions as they fight to keep darkness and chaos out of their land.
battlelore 2 The Daqan are a fairly peace preferring people who are very willing to take up arms if it is absolutely necessary.  Because of their skill at taking up arms they are not a force to be trifled with.  They have a number of great units ranging from the Citadel Guards which will force their opponents to retreat if they can even survive the attacks of of the Guard.  Furthermore they have the formidable Uthuk Y'llan which are astute archers.  They also have great mounted swordsmen called Riverwatch Riders who are very fast moving and can attack without having to be worried about a counterattack.  Within the preview they also cover the Rune Golems and Roc Warriors. For the full preview that includes a more in depth look at the units head over to Fantasy Flight Games website here.