Coming Soon From Game Salute and Green Eye Games

October 10, 2014 - 11:18am
gamesalute Cthulhu Wars is finally coming to your friendly local game store.  This game was funded on Kickstarter and put out by Game Salute and Green Eye Games.  Described as the heaviest game in terms of physical weight that Game Salute has ever published as a result of containing 64 miniatures including 5 Great Old Ones and a lot of other components. This game is definitely ignoble.  You are trying to take down your opponents and try to wake your personal great old one.  Being on the longer end of the middle length games at 90-120 minutes this is a game that you will be having to invest a bit into getting a good play with. Regardless of what you think of Game Salute this will be a retail version of the game and should be jam packed.  It is being made available for purchase nearly a year after it was originally supposed to have been delivered to backers after its Kickstarter which is based on their latest backer update slated to ship to backers sometime in November or December of this year.  Based on that I would expect this to be shipping to retail customers in January 2015. To read Game Salute's full release announcement head on over to their website here.