Now On Kickstarter From TMG "Eminent Domain Microcosm"

October 9, 2014 - 6:11pm
microcosm From Michael Mindes and the fine folks at Tasty Minstrel Games comes the a mashing of one of their biggest properties and one of their specialties.  Eminent Domain Microcosm is a two player micro game designed by Seth Jaffee and set in the Eminent Domain Universe.  With just 34 cards this really does solidly fit into the micro game genre.  Being only two players this game should be appealing to those who enjoy the full version of Eminent Domain.  In addition because the price point on it is fairly low you can try it out without feeling too guilty about plunking down some substantial investment.
The key to the game is the multi-use cards. You're constantly watching every avenue for synergies between your hand, your discard pile, and the planets or different technologies. But don't get caught focusing too much on your own empire ... or your efforts will just end up in your opponent's spoils of war.
In addition to the base game they are also including 14 promo cards 8 for Eminent Domain, 5 for Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers, and 1 for dungeon roll.  In addition they are offering the kickstarter edition of Dungeon Roll along with add ons like their branded sleeves and copies the original game and its expansion. microcosm components While TMG did have some delays getting games out earlier in the year causing many of their projects to be delayed anywhere from 2-5 months they have seemed to gotten production under control.  With four major games still outstanding.  Current projects appear to be near to on time though with any company delays can always happen. If this sounds interesting to you head on over to Kickstarter for all of the details here.