The Hooded Goblin Spotted in Canada!

October 8, 2014 - 12:42pm
// Photo by Eamonn Maher and found on

Just this past weekend Ontario saw a new hobby store open its doors to the public: The Hooded Goblin! They will be carrying comic books, board games and video games along with accessories and collectibles. They will also be hosting game nights for Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: The Gathering and more.
Cairo said that the store has been in the works for about a year and the idea for The Hooded Goblin name came from brainstorming sessions in Longmead’s basement.
You can read a little more on this here. Or visit their own web page at: hooded Every time I learn of a new comic or gaming store opening I get excited because it means this hobby we love is growing and more people will have a chance to experience stores like Labyrinth in Washington, DC and Brian's Comics in Petaluma, Ca. Both of these stores are great examples of what a board game and comic book store should be, as I'm sure The Hooded Dragon will be as well!