Now on Kickstarter "Strange Aeons 2nd Edition"

October 7, 2014 - 12:29pm
strange aeons For those of you that enjoy Cthulhu the second edition of Strange Aeons has come onto Kickstarter.   This game set in the Lovecraft universe and is designed for 2 players.  Offering the chance to play a relatively quick miniatures match (30-60 minutes).  It is described as needing a fairly limited amount of space and requiring a relatively low number of miniatures based on the style of play. With the ability to develop your armies over time you are trying to fight off the evil forces of ht threshold who is able to match you at all turns.  This should be a challenging experience for both players which should make this game that much more exciting. strange aeons figures With a rule book anticipated at 180 pages described as nearly all meat and no filler this should be one game that would be insane not to take a look at.  In addition to updating the rulebook they have also updated the miniatures so they look very nice.  Having already funded two and a half times over this is a project that you can be confident will be moving forward. If this project sounds interesting to you head on over to the Kickstarter here.