Z-Man Games Announcements!

October 7, 2014 - 12:38pm
zman games Z-Man games has some games to share with us all this October. Let's get started with a little bit of of news before the spiel on.... Spiel in Essen. The Pandemic: Survival! schedule is filling up fast. Z-Man has 10 confirmed events for 2014-2015 and counting. If you interested in running an event contact Z-Man. If you had been looking for the recent 2014 Spiel Des Jahres Winner, Camel Up, or is it Camel Cup? I ted to agree with Donald, and Chris is indeed a lier. Ok, now onto the games premiering at Essen. For a few of this games the release dates go like this:
  • Chimera is the 1st week of November
  • Pandemic: contagion is the 1st week of November
  • The Battle at Kemble's Cascade is the first week of November
  • Clash of Cultures: Civilizations sometime in November
  • Robinson Crusoe: Voyage of The Beagle sometime in November