International Toy and Game Conference Interview With Kevin Kim

October 5, 2014 - 5:00pm
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For most of our readers you have likely never heard of Kevin Kim of Korea Boardgames.  He offers some perspective on the some of the unique things of the Korean game market.  In particular the fact that many themes do not work and the prevalence of certain genres of games like trivia or trick taking games are nearly non-existent. His company has partnered with MayDay Games and put out the game Coconuts and the followup to that game Coconuts Duo which just funded on Kickstarter a few days ago.  They are making a much more concerted effort to try to market their games more internationally.  In an effort to accomplish this they will be showcasing a number of titles at Essen this year though he does not state which titles will be showcased in this article. For the full interview visit ChiTAG's website here.