New From Ludically "Illegal"

October 5, 2014 - 5:04pm
illegal New from Ludically and distributed by Asmodee by designer Christopher Belinger is the party game Illegal.  This game is very much directed at a mature market.  They even put on the box 18 years and older which is a rare thing to see for a game and by putting it on there signals that the content will at best be risque. This game involves you taking on the role of a dealer in some illicit good.  You will have to go off and try to convince others to sell you goods and to buy your goods. You score points at the end of the game by acquiring goods that are part of your secret objective and flying under the radar for the kinds of goods you are trying to sell. illegal cards For me this game feels like the thrill of diplomacy negotiating with people mixed with something akin to Pit where you are trying to do major set collection on the sly.  Because this game not only requires you to keep your selling habits but also purchasing desires secret it is a great game of cloak and dagger and misdirection.  With the inclusion of an all knowing GM who has intentionally given people their items to sell, desires to buy, and their stock of supplies this game has the potential for great success with those that like a bit more thinky and accusatory party game without descending into an hours long murder mystery or some nonsense. If this sounds appealing I would encourage you to head over to Ludically's website here.