Kickstarter 8 Planets: Captains of the Solar System

October 4, 2014 - 6:32pm
8 planets CrabHat Studios has a Kickstarter project up for those seeking to rescue Earth refugees, deliver goods in order to acquire health or to battle your foes. If any of that sounds intriguing then 8 Planets may be the game for you.
8 Planets: Captains of the Solar System is an awesome board game which brings together the excitement of player versus player combat and a pickup/delivery space adventure, all with a modular tile layout that adds endless replay ability.
8 planets pieces If you are like me then theme is pretty important and with theme there comes a backstory which I always appreciate, so here is a bit of the story behind 8 Planets:
Set in the not-so-distant future, humanity has been able to colonize the planets in our solar system, but the technology to travel beyond the stars has eluded us. Scientists have discovered that Earth has only 6 years left before it becomes uninhabitable, and there is nothing that can be done to save our planet. You are a captain of a space ship that has been summoned to Earth to help start with the evacuation of the planet. You are not the only captain on the horizon looking to make some quick fame escorting earthlings to the other planets. You will have to trade with the planets in order to upgrade your ship so you can fight off each other as well as the Plutonian Space Pirate threat.
Heavy in back story or not it always helps me get in the mindset of the world I'm about to play in, so maybe it will help you decide if this is something you may be interested in. If it does catch your interest visit their Kickstarter page HERE. This is a 2-4 player game, ages 13+ and plays in 60-120 minutes. The game also contains: • 22 hexagonal tiles. • 100 money tokens. • 9 6-sided dice (blank, 1, 2, blank, 1, 2). • 39 double-sided ship upgrade tokens. • 106 cubes - 40 Earthlings (green), 32 Raw Goods (yellow), 24 Refined Goods (orange), 10 Rare Goods (red). • 3 translucent markers. • 1 game countdown clock mat. • 4 double-sided spaceship mats featuring 2 different versions of the ships’ starting modules. • 4 player tokens. • 4 decks: Missions, Solar Events, Anomalies, Influence Cards. • 8 reference cards (2 per player). • 1 rule book. You have until Friday, November 7 2014 to back 8 Planets.