VPG Announce New System For Determining Games to Release Via Distributors

October 2, 2014 - 9:25am
vpg games distributers Victory Point Games "The Little Game Company That Could" has announced their new system for determining what games will be distributed via traditional channels. Because of the way the company operates they have identified that they could potentially over-saturate the market with games that they are trying to keep in constant distribution to game stores. To combat this problem they have elected that for future releases they will be selling games in a system akin to GMT Games P-500 system. If you do not know how GMT's system works they will put up a game for pre-order on their website and when they get around 500 orders they will charge those that have committed to pre-order and then print up and ship out the game. Victory Point Games has identified that they don't need to wait for that many pre-orders to send out games but they have determined that they will wait until they have somewhere between 500-1000 print on demand orders for a game before they start selling it to wholesale distributors. With this system in place they anticipate being able to still offer as many new titles as previously. But hope that as a result of this new system they will not alienate game stores which have limited ability to carry inventory beyond a certain quantity. They describe this system as being a means to season the game so that there is an established demand for stores to see before copies are hitting their stores. to read the full post by Victory Point Games head over to their site here.