Why Artem Satarov Has a Man-Crush on Ignacy Trzewiczek

October 1, 2014 - 9:10am
Image From www.redomanet.com Image From www.redomanet.com

There are two ways we can approach games there is the more basic way of approaching them purely for their entertainment or fun quotient or there is approaching a game as an experience that will immerse us in something.  In his blog post Mr Satarov talks about the three things that led him to have a man-crush on Ignacy Trzewiczek.  He talks about how his feelings on willingness to play cooperative games changed as a result of playing Robinson Crusoe. Furthermore he goes on to talk about the importance of telling a story with your games.  Ignacy has written a great book "Board Games That Tell Stories".  This had a great deal of impact on Mr Satarov along with the similarities he saw in their journeys. As always I would strongly encourage you to head over to Altema Games blog to read Mr Satarov's blog post here.