FFG Announces Second Expansion for Elder Sign "Gates of Arkham"

October 1, 2014 - 9:12am
gates of arkham Fantasy Flight Games has announced their latest expansion for the cooperative dice game Elder Sign.  Offering up some new ways to play the game and pushing players into whole new setting this expansion Gates of Arkham should take the well honed game play of the base game and add good bit of variety for players.  In describing the game Fantasy Flight says.
Gates of Arkham takes the struggle against the Ancient Ones out of the museum and into Arkham, where monsters lurk in darkened alleyways and bystanders become the victims of gang rivalries. In the featured Streets of Arkham game mode, new Arkham Adventures and Mythos decks replace the original Adventure and Mythos decks, sending investigators on adventures throughout the city as four new Ancient Ones threaten to arise. Only by braving the city’s ubiquitous perils can you triumph against the ancient and awakening evil.
gates of arkham comp With the new challenges this game is slated to provide this expansion should provide some much appreciated variety into players gameplay experience.  With a slate release of early 2015 players should stay tuned for additional previews or head out to Arkham Nights at Fantasy Flight Game Center to demo the game in Mid October. For the full announcement head on over to Fantasy Flight's website here.