Now on Kickstarter from Worthington Publishing "Sea Kings"

September 28, 2014 - 10:11am

sea kings

From the fine folks at Worthington Publishing a new Kickstarter by designer Lew Pulsipher.  This game uses the name for the Vikings that they would have used for themselves.  Going a viking was an action not a description of a person originally. This game looks very interesting.  In terms of stretch goals they seem to be modest additions that contribute to a continuance of theme but should not add tons of extra time to development and publishing of the game.  They seem to have worked very hard to keep the theming and design appropriate for what they have designed. sea kings contents Obviously until playing it no one can guarantee that his will be a game that as a finished product will appeal to you.  But with the rich history it presents this seems to be a good candidate.  Additionally Worthington Publishing has established itself as a publisher of quality games and has a reputation to keep up.  That being said the goals for when this project will be hitting backers hands does seem a bit ambitious.  As a backer I would be inclined to expect it to ship a few months late since they would need to have had the base game in production already and basically just dependent on the addition of the possible stretch goals. With that being said I would strongly encourage you to head over to Kickstarter and check out the project here.