Coming Soon From Dyskami Publishing Company

September 28, 2014 - 10:27am

After running a successful kickstarter to get the title produced Dyskami Publishing Company is finally ready to release Worker Placement: The Temp Agency and its first expansion Cash is King.  With slated release of October for Worker Placement: The Temp Agency and a November release for the Cash is King Expansion.  With reviews coming in being generally favorable describing it as a nice light gateway game this should be one that scratches an itch to let newer gamers see whether they like the titular game mechanic or worker placement.

Worker Placement: The Temp Agency

worker placement temp agency Worker Placement is a “gateway” strategy game in which players assume the roles of temporary employment agency CEOs who are trying to build their start-up business into thriving operations: hiring unemployed temp workers, helping them upgrade their skills, and finding them the best short-term jobs so the agencies can get paid their cut. At the end of the game, the company that has earned the most money is declared the winner and becomes the dominant temp agency in The City! Worker Placement features an accessible family-friendly modern theme and familiar Euro-style game mechanics that work together to appeal to both veteran players and novice gamers. A great addition to any gamer’s collection! 2-5 players Ages 10+ 5-15 minute play time This core board game includes everything needed to play:
  • The City game board
  • 110 game cards
  • 48 wooden skill cubes
  • 25 custom wooden player tokens

Worker Placement: Cash is King Expansion

cash is king Welcome to The City. A recent economic downturn has shifted the employment landscape from steady full-time occupations to short-term, part-time, and contract work. With so many skilled workers searching for a decent job… actually, any job…a new opportunity lies in your path. You have recently opened a new temporary employment agency to help place struggling workers in contract jobs. Find workers, upgrade their skills, and send them to the job center to fill the open positions. When they find a job and get paid, you get your cut too. Sounds easy in this economy, right? Unfortunately, you’re not the only entrepreneur in The City to have the exact same idea! It’s a competitive race for both money and reputation as you maneuver your workers to the front of the employment line to claim the best jobs. Unless they find work, you don’t get paid. Will you dominate The City’s temp agency scene, or join the ranks of the underemployed? Big money jobs are up for grabs, and now with the Worker Placement expansion pack up to 6-8 players can battle for temp agency supremacy in The City! In addition to the extra game cubes, player tokens, and new rules included in this expansion, you’ll also find over 100 new game cards including three new card types: Buildings – Like all the other buildings on The City game board, players gain a benefit when they place their workers here. If you are the player who owns the building, though, you also gain a benefit. Exclusive Contracts – You can claim any Job card as an exclusive, which means that no other player can send their workers to fill the Job. The only drawback is that your workers must fill this exclusive contract before they can tackle any other Job. Double Skills – Specialized training gives your workers a double Skill instead of just one. Add the Cash is King expansion pack to your Worker Placement game and step up to the big leagues!
  • 2-8 players
  • Ages 10+
  • 5-15 minute play time