Plaid Hat Games Release Two Summoner Wars Alliances Previews and Updates Release Outlook

September 27, 2014 - 10:28am
shaman skylark For those of you eagerly anticipating Summoner Wars Alliances unfortunately Plaid Hat Games has announced that they are not going to be able to meet their October release estimates and have revised their outlook for release to preferably before the end of the year.  They stated that the pre-order for the game should be available sometime soon. They have also released the first previews for two different factions.  The first one is the Alliance faction Jungle Shadows.  This is a great race that tends to move fast and be very sneaky in doing so.  I like how they describe them.
The Jungle Shadows have the normal number of cards: no Conjurations, no special rules, no new mechanics. There are fewer cards to drool over, but the abilities are straight-forward, easy to use, and deadly.
The second faction they have previewed is the Vargath Vanguard which are the first faction designed by lead playtester Frank Balog.  Built around the strong leader Moyra Skylark thi will be quite the formidable race.  Frank describes how he was able to come up with the characteristics of the faction. to read the full previews head over to Plaid Hat Games website.  Jungle Shadows here.  Vargath Vanguard here.