Wrestling Themed Game THE SUPERSHOW Hits KIckstarter

September 27, 2014 - 10:32am
super show For those of you that enjoy professional wrestling this game should be of interesting to you.  Even if you are not a fan of wrestling this allows you to take part in what truly makes the sport so much fun which is the showmanship as you try to take down your opponent.  It looks to present the excitement and at times chaos of a professional wrestling match in a very interesting way.  Being described as a UCG or Unpredictable Card Game you will be trying to execute your stellar wrestling move in each of your turns. super show cards Billed as a rather short game between five to fifteen minutes with turns being determined by each competitor rolling skill dice you may be forced to try to play a long game fending off attacks until eventually the dice roll in your favor and you finally get a turn.  Or you might have a truly dragged out match where each side seems to slip from the others clutches just in the nick of time.  either way this is a game that should from all accounts be easy to play but still have enough depth to be able to develop some strategy and mastery to give you an edge in the gam. If this sounds appealing to you head on over to Kickstarter to give it a closer look here.