Czech Games Edition Reveals Changes to Tash-Kalar

September 28, 2014 - 10:41am
tash kalar As has been previously announced Czech Games Edition will be releasing an updated version of Tash-Kalar at Essen.  They have finally revealed what all this update will be bringing.  The meat of the game remains the same but they have focused heavily on improving the visual aesthetics.  With a major overhaul coming to the flare and task cards.  That being said everything looks much better overall.  They have also made a big push to upgrade the physical components quality as well.  Moving to a much thicker cardboard for all of the cardboard components. In making this change they are able to present a much more refined look without sacrificing compatibility.  They have emphasized that the expansion that will also be released at Essen will be compatible with the old components.  But they will still be offering an upgrade kit so that owners of the current game can have continuity in their parts. To read the full announcement head over to Czech Games Edition site here.