Gamewright Announces 6 new Publishing Partners and a Promo for Sushi Go!

September 28, 2014 - 11:09am
image003 Though the year is far from over, 2014 has already been a banner year for Gamewright’s latest signature card game, Sushi Go! The game, created by Australian designer, Phil Walker-Harding, made its debut to great fanfare at the New York Toy Fair earlier this year and has quickly risen to become one of Gamewright’s hottest selling games. It has also garnered much praise from the game playing community and has won several awards, including an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold award. Processed with Moldiv Driven by the strong world-wide demand for the game, Gamewright is proud to announce that they have forged six international publishing partnerships for Sushi Go!: Zoch Verlag (Germany), Cocktail Games (France), (Italy), White Goblin Games (Netherlands), Devir Iberia (Spain/Portugal), and  Lifestyle (Russia). “We have been overwhelmed by the positive international response to the game; it illustrates how a simple yet compelling game play can transcend age, language and culture.” says, Jason Schneider, Gamewright’s Director of Product Development. Specific publishing dates have yet to be formally announced but most publishers should have the game available for retail purchase by the end of this year. In addition to the international partnerships, Gamewright is also releasing a Soy Sauce Promo Pack, a four card booster set that can be added to the current base game for added depth of play. Soy sauce cards are worth four points if a player collects the most variety of card colors in a round. This limited edition promo pack will be available at the store for $5.00.