FFG Releases Latest Preview for XCOM

September 23, 2014 - 11:43pm
XCOM-AppDiagram Fantasy Flight Games has released their latest preview for the forthcoming XCOM the board game.  This update focuses heavily upon the much bandied about app that accompanies the game.  This app is an integral part of the game and from all accounts is very well done even in the prototype form that most people have experienced at the various different conventions.  Fantasy Flight had this to say about the reception.
The initial response to our announcement of XCOM: The Board Game has been positively overwhelming. Our demo tables were packed at Gen Con Indy, then again at PAX, and fan sites have since set the net abuzz with news and reviews about both the game and its use of a free digital companion app.
Many other games have had something to accompany them but XCOM is bringing something new to the table which is a readily upgradeable addition to the game which will preserve playability in the long run due to their ability to have ever changing scenarios being presented to players. x com board To read the full preview of the app head over to Fantasy Flight's website here.