Summoner Wars: 5 New Mutations

September 22, 2014 - 11:27am
barbed mutant Plaid Hat Games has released 5 new mutation previews for the Cave Filth. Barbed Mutant: This guy may attacks all units adjacent to it and resolves each attack separately. Burrow Mutant: He can move 1 additional space and it may move through units. When it attacks, though, his attack value reduces by 1 per space moved. burrow mutant Poison Mutant: He adds poison markers to each Common or Champion unit he damages during the attack phase. Bone Mutant: He can take wound markers in order to treat them as if it has the Bow Symbol instead of the Sword Symbol during the attack. And for the last mutation, Legion Mutant:
The ultimate power play, this guy can have up to a 5 value attack and 6 life. (The card that's mutated counts, plus the four you add when summoning.)
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