FFG Release New Preview for DungeonQuest Revised Edition

September 22, 2014 - 11:34am
dungeon quest Fantasy Flight Games has released their latest preview for DungeonQuest Revised Edition.  This edition is touted as looking back at older editions and taking the combat system that worked and building upon that for a great gaming experience.  That being said FFG has stated that they won't be leaving owners of Third Edition in the lurch.
The downloadable conversion guide that can be found on the product support page enables owners of DungeonQuest Third Edition to play using the rules, combat system, and character sheets of the revised edition.
That should be good news for any current players of the game. dungeonquest board This preview covers the combat system of the game and also a new variant for your dungeon crawl called Torchlight.  This variant looks to be a very positive one in that it allows you to make some more informed ediciosns about how you are going to proceed throughout the game. To read the full preview head over to Fantasy Flight's website here.