Fantasy Flight Announces Evasive Maneuvers

September 10, 2014 - 7:17pm
SWC18_box Evasive Maneuvers, which is do to release in the first quarter of 2015, focuses on approaching the edge battles in different ways with the inclusion of new Scum and Villainy objectives and character cards. Now winning an edge battle is not a must-do for every player. SWC18-fan
Losing the edge might be a dramatic setback for some units, but never for the deadly Assassin and Mercenary, Dannik Jerriko (Evasive Maneuvers, 764). Dannik Jerriko’s own combat icons are edge-enabled, but that hardly matters, because this Anzati also bears the text, “While this unit is attacking, resolve edge-enabled icons on friendly units as if you had the edge.” Not only do you resolve Dannik Jerriko’s combat icons as if you have the edge, but if he’s attacking, then every friendly attacking unit benefits from his ability. With the help of Dannik Jerriko, even units like Greedo (Edge of Darkness, 370) can become reliable combatants.
This new set will change the way many view and approach edge battles adding even more strategic and tactical gameplay to each battle.
You’ll uncover a host of cards in Evasive Maneuvers that give you ways to trick your opponent. Whether you intentionally lose edge battles with Dannik Jerriko, hide in the shadows with Vima-Da-Boda, or lead from the front in the Capital Ship Independence, you’ll find the cards you need in this Force Pack.
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