Running now on Kickstarter 5pax two player dice games

September 8, 2014 - 11:27am
5pax Gallient Games has launched their second Kickstarter campaign 5pax two player dice games.  This name is a little deceptive in that they have actually fit 10 games into a little tiny box.  These are great little compact games.  The Dice Tower networks own Dan King did a preview of these games showing off 5 of the 10 games. 5pax games There is a wide variety of games ranging from strategy and bluffing games to dexterity games.  With games able to accommodate from 1-4 players these act as a great versatile filler.
Originally our plan was to have 5 sets of 5 games, the first being the core pack and the others being expansions. In reviewing our initial offering we decided that it made sense to just go ahead and include 10 games in the core package instead of 5, but the name stuck. It's cool, short and easy to remember, even if the number 5 has no real significance.
Having stated that they still intend to fill this out with the full cadre of 25 games this is a great start for your collection. If this project interests you and for more details on the project including the video preview by Dan King and a separate preview featuring all 10 games done by Grey Elephant Games visit the Kickstarter here.