Now on Kickstarter Space Movers a Cooperative Sci-fi Game from KnA Games

September 8, 2014 - 11:31am
space movers Recently launched on Kickstarter is Space Movers a sci-fi themed cooperative game.
Space Movers is a cooperative board game with the same look and feel as the fun science fiction movies and television of yesteryear. Classics like Star Wars, Star Trek, Back to the Future, and Battlestar Galactica were our inspiration. That inspiration mixed with innovative game mechanics gives Space Movers a ground breaking yet comfortable feel. Most importantly, Space Movers is firmly rooted in story, fun and adventure.
You are playing the role of a crew member on the "merchant" ship Liberty.  You and your compatriots clandestine origin story is told in the included comic book Finding Liberty.  Ending right where the game begins.  This is slated to be the first of many comic books continuing the story of the game with others coming along with game expansions in the future. space movers 150 space movers in the box Throughout the game you will be trying to reach objective which are continuations of the story started in the comic and featuring art of a similar style to the comic as well.  Throughout the course of the game you will need to be pick up and deliver cargo in order to receive the necessary resources to keep your ship running.  Additionally you are trying to avoid detection of scouts as you are galavanting through the galaxy.  Once scouts have you detected you there is a skill check required to lose them. Additionally the designer touts a new style of dice rolling specifically aimed at effecting the outcome of your previous rolls.  You roll one dice at a time needing to score a 5 or higher on a 10 sided dice.  By having you roll one dice at a time that allows you to try to get dice to interact with each other knocking dice which would not pass a skill check onto a different face.  You finish off your dice rolling with a blank six sided die. This project seems to have received positive reviews from everyone who has done a preview on it and is still waiting on a preview from one of the member of the dice tower's own preview team.  With what appears to be decent components right out of the gate.  Included with this is a soundtrack that should add a good deal of tensions and excitement to the game.  Stretch goals revealed so far seem like they will improve the aesthetics of the game but are not make or break components. to read all of the details and possibly join in as a backer check out the Kickstarter here.