FFG gives us Latest Preview for Talisman: The Woodland

September 8, 2014 - 11:46am
woodland In this latest preview installment for "Talisman: The Woodland" Fantasy Flight is focusing on the various different paths that can be taken through The Woodland.
A Path can provide both advantages and disadvantages. The Warrior’s Path offers extra strength during battle, but requires you to fight the nightmarish Queen Mab in psychic combat in order to gain a Destiny. The Secret Path allows you to evade creatures with a Strength or Craft higher than five, but an unknown Enemy awaits you at the Meeting with Destiny space. The risky Path of Folly forces you to subtract one from every die result, which may benefit you or cause you serious harm. Either way, it promises you a Destiny if you manage to survive your tumultuous journey.
woodland card Additionally they go into detail about how the destiny system works showing the various destiny's that can befall you and how those play into your fate and your fates usefulness in the game.
Your destiny is inextricable from your fate, and all destinies increase your fate value by one. As our second preview mentioned, The Woodland introduces a difference between light and dark fate: spend light fate to reroll a die that you rolled, dark fate to force another player to reroll a die. Destinies are also light and dark. Light destinies allow you to easily replenish light fate and focus on strengthening your character. Dark ones keep you supplied with dark fate and encourage you to hinder and harm others.
To see the full preview head over to Fantasy Flight Game's website