FFG Releases new Wiz-War Expansion Preview

September 5, 2014 - 9:12am
bestial forces Fantasy Flight Games released a new preview for their newest expansion for Wiz-War entitled "Bestial Forces".  This preview focuses on a newly introduced school of magic Totems.
You’ll find six unique Totem creations within this school of magic, and although their exact effects can vary, all Totems share a few things in common. These creations can only be placed in an empty square adjacent to the casting wizard, and they last as long as you choose to maintain the spell. Although the range for creating one of these Totems is limited, its effects extend to everything in its sector. This potency comes at the cost of fragility: these Totems requires only one damage or one crack to destroy. bestial forces figures
To learn more you can visit FFG’s website here to read the entire article.